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Hardwood Installation
Install raw hardwood flooring. Sand, stain (if desired), and finish, using high grade coatings. If you already have hardwood and wish to add on to it we can lace in the new with your existing and than refinish both to match. Inlays, borders and other custom options are available. When installing new wood you are limited only by your imagination!

Another installation option is prefinished hardwood. This wood comes with the Finish coatings already applied. All we have to do is install it and were done. No sanding or finishing is required for pre-finished wood.

Existing Hardwood Refinishing
Are your hardwood floors looking a little tired? Are they looking like they are totally destroyed? One of the beautiful characteristics of hardwood is that most of the time no matter how worn they look all they need is a good sanding and refinishing! Hardwood is a lifetime floor because it can be refinished up to around 7 times in the life of it. If you do maintenance coats on your floor every 2 years or so you should never have to refinish it unless you wanted to change the color.

Maintenance Coat
A maintenance coat is the smartest thing a home owner can do for their existing hardwood floors. Think of it like an oil change for your cars engine. The process entails lightly sanding the existing floor. This process will take out very light scratches and will clean the floor. After the sanding, the floor is vacuumed and tacked. We than apply a coat of high grade finish to add on to the finish you already have. This process takes one tenth the time of a refinish and is a fraction of the cost of a refinish. Done every two years or so will ensure that your floor maintains its beautiful appearance. Just like an oil change ensures that your engine maintains its peak performance.

Tile and Natural Stone Installation
Installing tile or stone is a beautiful option for any home. As with hardwood there are many options of color, pattern and design.



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